Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Have you ever wondered…….

What it’s like to be a member of the MM design team?
We asked Julie Turner who has been on the MM design team for about 4 years now. This is what she had to say.

What's your favorite thing about being an MM designer?
There are the obvious benefits like getting a paycheck and finding boxes of new product on my doorstep, but those aren't the best things about being a designer. And after so many years in the industry it's no longer the thrill of being published, even though Gail and her team make our books and artwork look incredible. What I find really satisfying these days is how each new set of book assignments gives me a creative push. Working gives me the impetus to stretch and grow my style. There is something very satisfying about that process. I don't think I would find the time to make that happen if I wasn't on a design team.

Another favorite thing about working on the team is that several good friendships have developed that I hope will continue long past our years of working together on the design team.

What do you do to keep fresh and current as a designer?
As a designer, I always have to keep my eyes open for new ideas and inspirations. Fresh ideas can be found anywhere. Whenever I have a few minutes between running the kids here and there, I often pop into a store like Pottery Barn or Target to see what new trends are out there. I love browsing through bookstores too. When I can't make the time to get out, I spend time on the internet browsing through my favorite links such as Pottery Barn, Paper Source, and Martha Stewart. I keep an idea file so I will have plenty to inspire me when I sit down to scrapbook.

What's your all time favorite MM product?
This is such a hard question! On the practical side, I would probably say the Tool Kit. On the creative side, I love the Vintage Hip buttons, especially the glass ones and the red and white ones.

What do you like the most about the books you contribute to?
I love to see how a group of designers, all using the exact same line of product, can come up with such a variety of ideas and styles. It's a testimony to the creativity of the artists and the versatility of Making Memories product.


Anonymous laura vegas said...

sounds like an awesome job! btw ... i took a class from julie a few years ago with all MM stuff ... it was so much fun!

10:24 AM  
Blogger Julie Ann said...

Awesome interview. I'd love to hear more from the rest of the team.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Christy said...

LOVE these kinds of posts... very inspirational! And I second what Julie Ann said... we want to hear more! :)

9:38 PM  

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