Friday, September 22, 2006

Then & Now
We all grow and learn to do thing better with practice. It’s just the way it works. If you look at the projects that you do now compared to the projects you did when you first started you’ll see a big difference. Our designers would admit the same thing. We thought we would stroll back to memory lane to see the “then & now” of their scrapbook albums.

This is the first layout I ever had published - it was in CK in 2001 or 2002...remember when quilling was new to the scrapbook world?!?

One of the first pages I did was for our honeymoon album, and I remember being really, really proud of the road that carries across the 2 pages.

Wow—here’s a blast from the past. This layout is 7 ½ years old!! I still love it, though. I’ve always made the focus on my photos, but I used to use a lot more ‘cutesy’ decorations. Also, there weren’t as many choices in scrapbooking all those years ago, so I tended to use chalks, pens, etc. to customize my layouts.

I started scrapbooking ten years ago. All my early pages were made to document my kids’ homeschooling activities. The rest of my photos were kept in traditional photo albums with the little black photo corners (sadly, with no journaling). In this layout, we had taken the day off from learning about ships and the science of floating to have some pirate fun. I used many of the hot trends of the time: silhouetted photos, double matted photos mounted at an angle, and hand-printed titles with the little dots.


Anonymous laura vegas said...

thanks for showing us how far you've come! i know i feel embarrased to show my layouts from when i first started ... 11 years ago. but they're a part of me. they're still meaningful ... even if i shoved 27 stickers on one page! lol!

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Dixie Lee said...

This was fun! I enjoy taking out my first layout and seeing how my style has changed over the years.

No more sticker sneeze...

12:56 PM  

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