Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why Books?
It’s one thing to strike gold with a wonderfully original idea. And it’s quite another, to wait and wait and wait until inspiration arrives. Enter, the reliable reference book. We put these volumes together for several reasons, but the most important? To inspire. It’s amazing what varying results can be achieved when simple paper and embellishments fall into the hands of various designers. And that’s the beauty of the books. We can see what others have done and use that as a proverbial launching pad for our own creations. As long as there are new ideas out there, we’ll be producing books about them.

Gail Pierce-Watne
Creative Director of Publications


Anonymous laura vegas said...

i for one love idea books! i see so many ideas and think to myself "ohhhh, i want to make the same thing". but rarely do i do that ... i just find that the ideas inspire me to try it my own way, put my own twist on it! i have all the MM books and i still love to go through them!

9:13 AM  

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