Thursday, October 19, 2006


What MM Product is Most Like You?
Have you ever played getting-to-know you games with other people and the question comes up "what kind of fruit are you most like?" Well have you ever considered the question "what kind of MM product are you most like?" Give it some thought. Our designers did and this is what they said.

If you ask Maggie, she'd say she that petals with rhinestone brads fit her the most because she is a girlie-girl. That makes perfect sense for her also because she is a fashion guru who loves texture and color, just like the petals. Christy thinks of herself like the petals also, but for a different reason. She thinks they are most like her becuase they are fun, funky, and are made up of lots of things (differnt mediums) and that fits her perfectly.

Wendy thinks the Cheeky line fits her personality best - fun, bright, and playful. The brown color in this line reminds her of her down-to-earth disposition. These are great qualities for a mother of four young children to have.
On the other hand, Lynne feels like she fits best with the Vintage Hip collection. As a child her mother made her tag along (not to Lynne's excitement of course) to all sorts of old vintage shops. Somewhere along the way, she has grown to love and appreciate old, untique items.

Joanna on the otherhand thinks she is most like cardstock. It's colorful, comfortable, reliable, and textured, just like her.


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I am so excited about the new double sided stickers..when and where?

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