Thursday, October 26, 2006

… is a supportive (and apparently adorable, sweet, funny, and understanding) husband! Wilna and Jennifer seem to be pretty lucky women, based on our interview with their significant others. Following are some excerpts from our conversations with Jaco Furstenberg and John Pebbles.

MMIdol: How has it been living with an Idol contestant these past few weeks?
Jaco: Intense fun!! Missed a few meals. Loved every bit to pieces. Proudly the husband of my idol!!
John:A lot of late nights and counting down the minutes waiting to hear who will advance. And driving around town to find someone who sells Hostess Snowballs.
MMIdol: Have you been following the contest online, or are you aware only through your spouse’s reactions?
Jaco: Didn’t miss a e-mail, blog-post or comment/ thread on many a message board. Stayed up later even though I ought to have been studying for my upcoming exam in two WEEKS!!.
John: Yes, I have been following the contest, I have been emailing friends to help get people voting, and sometimes I have to be the one to tell Jen whether or not she made the cut, ‘cause she’s a big chicken!
MMIdol: What do you think of her hobby?
Jaco: The best thing since Sliced bread. My wife is fulfilling her passion and I’m reaping the rewards: No limit on the budget: If she needs it…: GO and get it babe!!
John: You mean addiction? I really like that scrapbooking archives the memory of the photograph rather than just leaving all of our pictures on the computer. It makes my wife happy, it’s an outlet for her creativity, and because her stuff is very pretty. And heck, I even went to CHA with her last winter.
MMIdol: Have you tried scrapbooking?
Jaco: I’m her biggest fan, supporter, sponsor and critic, but I do know my limits or when I’m treading where angels fear to thread: Leave the best with her he(ART). I do have my bicycle!
John: No, but I have made a few Rubber Stamped cards. My creations are typical guy stuff – totally inappropriate to be seen in public. I do help her sometimes by giving her ideas when she is stuck, so really I should take credit for at least 2.98% of her success.
MMIdol: Is there anything we should know about your wife?
Jaco: She’s fast and she’s good. She is passionate, devoted, she is a driver, a hard worker. Loves what she does and does it with total commitment. She brings sunlight into every life she touches. She is not a domestic goddess, but she is an excellent homemaker. She is our children and my personal cheerleader and promoter. She will and does move mountains for her family and friends. She is irreplaceable and irresistible and therefore, so easy to love upon!!
John: If there was a contest for which contestant was loved the most by their husband, I think Jen would win. I am really proud of her.


Blogger Wilna said...

i love that man.


9:06 AM  
Blogger Wendy Sue said...

awwww...sweet guys!! :o)

9:23 AM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

It's great to hear from such supportive hubbies! ~*~smiles~*~

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And yes, Jaco is really like she says on her blog...Amazing couple this.

12:20 PM  

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