Monday, October 02, 2006

The Final 20 ...

Someone kindly asked if we would add the names of the 20 Making Memories Idol finalists to our blog ... Thanks for asking - we didn't think about that before we closed the voting (and thus lost access to all the images ...) We hope to post everyone's submissions to our web site in the very near future. But in the meantime, following is a list of the finalists, in random order:

  • Scott Cotner-Young
  • Staci Compher
  • Joy Jaeger
  • Kim Franz
  • Wilna Furstenberg
  • Sonja McLean
  • Mindy Bush
  • Jennifer Pebbles
  • Kori Babb
  • Jacqueline Yeo
  • Celeste Smith
  • Becky Heisler
  • Angelina Bustamante
  • Sarah van Wijck
  • Robin Weatherspoon
  • Rachel Carlson
  • Myrthe Bertens
  • Denise Levy
  • Rita Peterson
  • Bernadette Henderson

Thanks for asking!!!!!!!!


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