Monday, October 09, 2006

Meet Your Contestants
Now that the voting has begun, we thought you’d like to know a bit more about the contestants behind these beautiful designs. We asked each of our five finalists to tell us just a little about themselves and their families and we’ve posted excerpts from their interviews below. Make sure to check back with us each day this week as we reveal more about the contestants, and about the current Making Memories Design Team. As a special bonus, we’ll start a new contest for “Making Memories Idol” fans later this week – you could win some fantastic prizes while we search for our own Idol! Stay tuned!

From Mindy Bush
Well...My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years now and we have 6 kiddos with the oldest being 8 on down to our youngest at 4 months. They are all close in age, so about every other year I've been pregnant (ugh) but it's been worth it. They are wonderful and worth every minute of those nine months of agony! My family is so important to me and we do a lot together. We set aside one night a week just to do family stuff and have fun. I'm also close with all my extended family as well and we get together often.

From Jennifer Pebbles
I am married to the world’s most awesome dude ever!!! My husband John always supports and encourages my creative pursuits and I love him to bits and pieces!! Although John and I are only a year apart in “school age” from the same small high school in the same small town- with many similar friends and acquaintances- it wasn’t until after we both graduated from college that we met/found each other on!! We have been married for a blissfully happy 2 ½ years. John and I have a little furbaby Chihuahua/Fox Terrier named Honey, who has been the subject of many scrap pages lately since she was diagnosed with a terminal heart condition. We love her a lot, and are trying to make the very best out the days we have left with her.

From Wilna Furstenberg
[My husband] Jaco and I have been married for 15 years this year (we are both 35, in fact his birthday is June 18, 1971 and mine is June 19, 1971!!) and we have three girls: Tia, Kirstin and Jana ages 5,7 and 9. We are from South Africa but have been living in Canada for almost two years. My husband is a medical doctor.

From Robyn Weatherspoon
Well, my family consists of myself, Gregory, Erica-20, Brittany-17, and Michael-4. We are a mixed family which means both Gregory and I brought a child to our union. He brought Erica, I brought Brittany, and together we had Michael. We are a very funny family where everyone is completely different from one another. It’s amazing we get along as well as we do! My daughter Erica is in her second year in college, Brittany is graduating from high school this year, and Michael attends pre-school.

From Scott Cotner-Young
I have a wonderful Partner of 11 years, Mark and we have a beautiful son, Ethan (you will see him a LOT). We adopted Ethan 4 years ago. We were there for the birth and that was also the birth of my Scrapbooking obsession! I usually do not enter contests, but this one intrigued me. After I received the news, I ran and told Mark. Although I don’t think he really “gets” the industry as a whole, he is VERY supportive and appreciates my work. His comment….”You have to go all the way!!” I haven’t really had time to tell my friends about it, except my on-line friends, and they “get” it!


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