Saturday, October 28, 2006

We received more than 300 questions from Wilna and Jennifer’s fans – and while they couldn’t answer every one of them, they’ve added a few more thoughts for today’s blog edition!

From Lisa/Aggie/Kendra: Where did you get that Pink Tree? Where did you get that Star? How did you make that garland? (For the Challenge #3 design):
From Jennifer: I fell in love with the Pink Feather Tree on a recent trip to a local craft store. I grabbed it and tried to barter with the manager for a special deal since it was going to be featured in this big contest, but sadly, they didn’t bite and I had to pay normal retail for it! I think it was worth it!!The star I bought at Wal-Mart in their Christmas ornament section at least 4 years ago. I didn’t plan in advance what I was going to put on top of the sign-post. I wanted a big Styrofoam snowball, but the stores were closed, so I had to search around the house for a substitution. The star won! And the garland was really simple – I picked out my 4 patterned papers and punched out the circles using a 1 ¼” circle punch (approximately 30 circles per pattern). Each circle on the garland is 2 punched circles, glued together with the twine in the middle, pattern side facing out. There are more than 60 circles on that small garland for the little tree.

From Anamarquez: How do get your ideas? Is something you see and you turn into your own by changing something or adding something?
From Wilna: This is exactly what I do. I would see something somewhere that I like, that catches my eye and I will use it on paper and make it my own. The best way I can describe it is I would see something in that inspires me or produce a certain feeling in me. I would then work a page until that feeling is recreated. I guess it is to me a very intuitive process. That is how I would know when enough is enough.

From Katie D: What is your favorite MM product and why?
From Jennifer: There are so many fabulous products to pick from!! Right now, I think my favorite product is the Cheeky Board Clips – they are so versatile!! They make it easy to quickly assemble embellishments and photos to the page in a grouping without having to go back and add adhesive in multiple steps! I like anything that makes scrapping faster.

From Jeannie: When you scrapbook how long does it usually take for you to decide how you want your layout.
From Wilna:
Not very long. Why? I am not afraid to make a mistake. Rebecca Sower once said there is no scrapbook police. I would do the same page twice if I did not like the first try. But I would never throw the first one away or think bad about it. Remember it is only paper. And very importantly every single page you do, whether you like it or not, helps you grow as a scrapbooker. I have done some pages that I did not like and then my best ideas for another project will come from that “disappointment”. Nothing you do creatively wise is ever a waste. Never.


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