Friday, October 27, 2006

Wilna and Jennifer have the answers! Last week, we asked you to send us your questions for the MMIdol contestants. This week, they’ve taken a break from their heavy duty design schedule to answer some of them.

From Dana: What is one tool you cannot live without?
From Jennifer: Well, it’s hard to pick just one tool! Aside from the basics, like my paper trimmer, computer, etc., I really, really love the Making Memories Silent Setter. I love that thing!! Especially because I make a lot of cards, it’s nice to have a dependable hole punch and eyelet tool.

From Mary Ann: Do you start out with your photos first, and then decide on your papers and embellishments, or do you find all the fun things you want to use on a page, then search for photos that would go with them?
From Wilna: What inspire me the most ALL the time are the pictures. I just love fetching my pictures from Shoppers Drug Mart (where Shannon always helps me), coming home, looking at them and every time the urge to scrapbook overtakes me. My starting point is ALWAYS the pictures. I will select paper to go with that and then work the page adding elements until I am done

From Helen: How often do you change your mind when working on pages/projects?
From Jennifer: This is my downfall! Sometimes I have lots of different ideas which makes it hard for me to make a final decisionsm and then usually as I am working on it, I change it as I go … so I may start with a general idea, but don’t get attached to anything, I let all my pages work themselves out.

From Anonymous: Where do you get your source of inspiration when using Making Memories products?
From Wilna:
I love, love, love MM product. I always have. I can prove this statement in a court of law. The judge will convict me on 2 accounts: one is witnesses (My best friend Maryna will testify) and two, on my MM stash. Back to the question: why do I love MM product? Because you don’t need any external inspiration. The product itself shouts and screams to me to just CREATE!!

From Veronica: Have you felt creatively blocked? What do you do to get out of it?
From Jennifer: Absolutely! In fact, there was a period of time this year where I didn’t do anything creative for a few months. Sometimes a creative block is small, in those cases, I spend time “researching” ideas from non-scrapbooking magazines, design websites, etc. Sometimes I pick up a good scrapbooking magazine or idea book (especially when working on something specific in scrapbooking). In times where I get in a big funk, I usually find it’s because I am trying to juggle too many things at once – so I “clean house” and try to eliminate some obligations to find more breathing room.

From Fran: Where does your inspiration come from? How long does it take you to complete a layout when you’re not under such pressure?
From Wilna:
Hands down I would say that music is my biggest inspiration. I got a new CD from Third day earlier this year and did a whole mini album inspired by the lyrics. I listen to Tree63, Leeland, Third day and Michael W Smith blasting away when I scrap. My biggest dream is excellent quality crystal clear surround sound in my scraproom. I take about an hour to an hour and a half on a page. Pressured or not.

From Misty: Have you been published?
From Jennifer: No, I haven’t been published in a traditional paper publication – yet – but I am keeping my fingers crossed on this MM gig!!

From Kristy Z: How do you keep true to your own style and keep coming up with new ideas? With all the ideas out there in magazines and on websites how do you keep those influences from taking over your style? Finally, how did you find your style?
From Wilna: Seriously I don’t know what style I am. Probably leaning more to the ART side than the DESIGN side. I think more importantly that because you are you, you like certain avenues more than other. That will cause your work to have that flavor that says: YOU. I subscribe to only one scrapbook magazine and I have 2 IDOLS in the scrapbooking world (Rebecca Sower and Maria Grace Abuzman), so yes, I look at what is happening out there. I am cautious however to stay true to what I like, what I find beautiful, what I am comfortable with. And with what makes me happy. That is how I found and will keep “my style.”


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